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Sam's Awsome Page*

About Me*

Here I am in live and livin color ... lol ... more detials then I think you'd ever wanna know!

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On this page I will be decusing me and everything around me like my friends family pets. etc ... hope you enjoy!

Some people say I'm shy so I'm tryin to breakout of that shell! So here I will try to talk about this and show pics of things I love and adore so take a nice look at one of my favorite nephews, Alexander*:


Some of my Favorite Stuff

Some of my Favorite things are?

Favorite TV Show: All the soaps, no favorite
Favorite Movie: Cinderella
Favorite Music: Hip Hop, Rock, Rap, basically whatever
Favorite Book: Might sound corny but Harry Potter, the entire series
Favorite Sports: Flatrock Flyers for sure!
Favorite Food: Chicken and Popcorn
People I Most Admire: Eva and Kev

Favorite Quotes

*To Live is to love, and the only way to love is to live*

Love is like peeing in your pants, your the only one to feel its true warmth!